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Private Hire Terms and Conditions

Anyone contemplating the hire of a coach from Coachleasing should give the fullest possible details of what is required (eg number of passengers, exact starting points, any special requirements regarding routes or stopping points, the precise destination, together with the date of hire and the time that the coach will be required).

Any quotation given will be based on this information and it will also form the basis of any hire bookings. Unless it indicates otherwise the price given in any quotation will only apply to hires booked within 28 days of the quotation being given, and bookings can only be accepted subject to availability at the time bookings are made.

If we both understand and accept our respective responsibilities the satisfaction of hirer and passengers should be ensured. But if any dispute about these terms and conditions should arise English/Scottish Law will apply.

What We Undertake
We will provide a driver or drivers and coach of sufficient seating capacity and to the specification ordered suitable to undertake the work detailed in a satisfactory and legal manner. If we have to hire in another operator's vehicle it will be to equivalent standard. Unless any particular route or other arrangements have been agreed, the journey will be by the most direct route, with stops made at suitable points to serve the comfort of the passengers, and to satisfy legal requirements regarding breaks and rest for drivers.

Between outward and return journeys the coach may not remain at any destination or be accessible to passengers unless specific arrangements for this have been agreed.

Although we will endeavour to complete journeys in the times required and will give our best advice at the time of booking if asked to do so on probable journey times, we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of delays caused by circumstances or events beyond out control.

It is strongly recommended that you should consider insuring against this risk if journey times are particularly crucial. If we have to supply a larger coach than you require there will be no extra charge unless the number of passengers was greater than you advised. If this happens, the price will be increased for each extra passenger pro rata to the higher price and seating capacity to the coach ordered.

If as a result of any action by you or circumstances beyond out control we are unable to supply the coach required, but give you as much notice as the particular circumstances allow, and return all moneys paid to you, we have no further liability to you.

Unless it has been otherwise agreed, the hire price will not include any group catering, tickets or admission charges. At your request, we may make these sort of arrangements with you, but would do so as your agent. This means that any terms and conditions applicable to that transaction (eg relating to payment, cancellation, etc) would be binding on you as if you had made the arrangements yourself. We will seek your acceptance of any such terms and conditions, and not expend any money on your behalf until you have made similar payment to us. 

Whilst we will take all reasonable care with passengers' luggage and other items which they may bring on our coach we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to these items whilst on the vehicle. Personal insurance of luggage or valuables is strongly recommended, any passengers' property discovered on the vehicle after the hire will be stored and may be claimed in accordance with the current Lost Property Regulations.

Although it is essential for us to have advance notice of your detailed plans for the hire, we do appreciate the need for flexibility to cater for the unexpected, and our drivers will cooperate in this, but we have to make it clear that laws designed to ensure your safety do constrain the hours that drivers can work. For this and other reasons drivers may have to refuse late request for variations.

What You Undertake
No person or organization should agree to hire a coach unless they are prepared to accept the obligations involved. As our contract is with you, not with your passengers, we do insist that you accept responsibility for any damage they might cause to our coach. By exercising their lawful powers our drivers will assist in limiting your liability by stopping passengers from travelling or continuing to travel if their conduct merits this action. Similarly, as hirer, you are responsible to pay any deposit and the full hire cost when due. If you fail to make due payment we are entitled to terminate the contract or take legal action to enforce payment. We may levy interest on all monies due at a rate of 2% for any calendar month or part of a month after the due date for payment.

Any coach that is overloaded whether with passengers or their possessions is likely to be stopped by the police and not allowed to proceed until it is within the legal limits. To avoid the inconvenience and increased hire costs occasioned by this hirers must observe seating capacity limits and any restrictions on the type, size and weight of passengers' luggage, purchases, etc. advised by us and/or our driver.

The carriage of alcohol on coaches going to certain sporting events, and anywhere in Scotland, is illegal. It is your responsibility to ensure total compliance with these rules. If you are in any doubt whether they apply to a particular journey you should seek our advice.

If you want animals other than guiding and hearing dogs carried on hire you must seek our prior agreement as drivers may otherwise refuse to let them board. If it is possible for us or our driver to undertake any variations from the agreed details of hire you will be liable for any increases in the price that this generates. Generally, we would attempt to make any increase pro rata to the agreed hire charge and would not normally make any charge for minor alterations. It is however possible that you could become liable for a significant increase for quite a small variation if this is warranted my the cost involved to us. Examples of this would include the need to send out a relief driver in order to comply with drivers' work limits or the securing of another vehicle and driver if a late return affected other work to which your coach and driver was assigned.

Should you have to cancel a hire booking you would be liable to forfeit any deposit paid and to make further payments up to the following percentage of the hire price. 
When cancellation is notified 6 to 9 days before hire - 10%
3 to 5 days - 25%
2 days - 50%
Less than 2 days - 75%
If no notification is given before the time the hire was to have commenced, you will be liable to pay the full hire price.

At our discretion this may not be enforced depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.

We trust that you will have no cause to complain about your hire, but in the unlikely event of this being necessary it must be done as soon as possible, and at all events within 14 days of the end of the hire.


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